Missouri researchers find three new species of poisonous slow loris in Borneo

By Krista Alice Hornyak,

Researchers from Missouri have found three new species of the slow loris, the world’s only poisonous primate, living on the island of Borneo.

They had looked at photographs, museum exhibits and live lorises, taking note of differences in their sizes, fur, markings, and habitats. These features allowed for classifications into more specific groups.

According to VOA News, the loris looks similar to a lemur, but their cuddly appearance is deceiving. In fact, the loris’ venomous bite can cause pain, fever, swelling, and in worst cases, even death.

The loris’ habitats are currently being destroyed due to deforesting, but the most detrimental threat to their survival is poachers.

According to InternationalAnimalRescue.org, these animals are poached and sold illegally. They are either caged and sold as pets or used to make medicine.

Adding three more species of the loris does assist in administering their population growth. But, also, since there are more classes, the risk of extinction is higher than originally believed.



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