New Casting Information for MTV's 'Teen Wolf'

By Kaitlyn Vella,

MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf has had quite an exciting week with table reads and new casting information.

Fans have been waiting to hear what new actors and actresses will be joining the cast for season 3, and finally they have received some concrete answers.

Deadline reported on Nov 28 that Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Adelaide Kane and Felisha Terrell will be entering the supernatural world of Beacon Hills this upcoming season. The two Carver twins are reported to be playing Aiden and Ethan, twin alpha werewolves who are “dangerous charmers with brilliant minds.” Kane will be playing Cora, who has a mysterious past and has some connections to the Beacon Hills werewolves. Terrell will play Kali, an alpha werewolf who is described as both “sexy” and “ruthless.”

That’s not the only casting information, though. Soon after the news of those four new characters, Zap2It reported the news of another new character joining the show.

According to Zap2It, Gideon Emery will be playing Deucalion. He will be the leader of the new pack of alpha werewolves that have invaded the town. He is already being described as having “an eloquent, cutting intelligence.”

Shooting for the third season of Teen Wolf is set to begin on Monday.



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