"The New Normal" Recap: "Baby Proofing"

By Marissa Willstein,

Stress. We all have it and we all handle it in different ways. Take Bryan, David and Goldie for example. David and Goldie help themselves to one too many servings of food while Bryan pours himself one drink after another.

With the stress of the holidays, mixed with the preparation of welcoming a baby in five months, Bryan and David are on edge. Bryan takes notice of his partner’s excessive intake of Christmas cookies and wonders what is causing the sudden overindulgence. As for Goldie, that lucky duck has pregnancy as an excuse.

Before Bryan has the chance to speak up, David beats him to the punch before bed that night. When Bryan asks to fool around, David turns him down because he has had too much to drink. The confrontation then begins.

David expresses his concerns that Bryan may have a slight drinking problem. Bryan fights back by telling David that he has noticed a few extra lbs. on his normally svelte figure.

The couple wakes up to welcome the overly enthusiastic baby-proofer into their home. We can see that David has become obsessed with making their home an ultra-safe environment for their son. Meanwhile, Bryan notices that his fiancé has taken it to the extreme and is putting a damper on their holiday.

“The New Normal” is nothing without a Jane/Nana storyline. We learn in this episode that she has a nice streak around Christmas time because eggnog makes her all warm and fuzzy inside. Bryan takes a liking to her and makes sure he takes full advantage of the temporarily sane Nana.

He invites her to attend his holiday work party and she graciously accepts. When the odd pair attends the event, Jane divulges that she is worried about her real estate business. Despite her success in Ohio, she realizes that starting over in California is an overwhelming and challenging process.

Bryan comforts her and builds her confidence. The two head home but run into a sobriety checkpoint along the way. Although Bryan only had one glass of bubbly at the party, he still worries that he will get slammed with a DUI.

While Bryan could easily drive away unscathed, Jane’s drunkenness causes problems. The officer asks Bryan to step out of the car and puts him through the ringer. Fortunately, he lets them off with a warning.

Bryan sees this experience as a wake up call and knows he must change before the baby comes. Setting a good example is important to him and he will not let his actions jeopardize the safety of his child.

Goldie and David also come to terms with their poor behavior. Their actions have noticeably rubbed off on Shania and have negatively affected the poor thing. They also realize that they must change and put down the sugary snacks both for themselves and for their loved ones.

The episode ends with Bryan ad David discussing their weaknesses and how they must acquire self-control for the sake of their unborn child. David cheers Bryan up with a fully decorated home including a tree covered in baby-friendly ornaments.

Bryan admits that he absolutely despises the childish embellishments but then David shows him one that he knows for sure he will adore. It is an ultrasound image of their son. How precious!



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