Newsweek unveils final cover with hashtag

By Daniel S Levine,

Newsweek unveiled its final cover Monday, including a nod to the past and the future of media. The issue, which focuses on the nearly 80-year history of the magazine, features a simple black and white image of the Empire State Building with the words “#LastPrintIssue.”

The news that the Dec. 31 issue of the magazine would be its final print issue came in October, when Newsweek Daily Beast Company Tina Brown announced the creation of an online exclusive edition titled Newsweek Global. The magazine was purchased in 2010 by Sidney Harman for a $1 from the Washington Post Co. The Daily Beast, which Brown co-founded in 2008, was brought in to help save the magazine, but the number of subscriptions continued to fall.

In a column today, Brown described the magazine’s recent successes, but noted its recent difficulties.

“This is not a conventional magazine, or a hidebound place,” she wrote. “It is in that spirit that we’re making our latest, momentous change, embracing a digital medium that all our competitors will one day need to embrace with the same fervor. We are ahead of the curve. A magazine that will soon turn 80 will now be, when all the changes are unveiled in February, a vigorous young publication all over again.”

According to the BBC, the magazine will save publishing and distribution costs, but it will lose print advertisers, who usually pay more than online advertisers.

The hashtag was a nod to the all-digital future of the magazine. Brown herself used the hashtag on Twitter. “Bitter sweet! Wish us luck!” she wrote.

image: Newsweek/Twitter



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