'The Office': 'Dwight Christmas' review

By Matthew Dougherty,

The Office celebrated its final Christmas last night and one of TV’s most recent and best holiday traditions went down with a classic episode.

Naturally with a title like "Dwight Christmas" this was not going to be your typical holiday episode. Over the years we’ve had a Benihana Christmas, a Moroccan Christmas and a classy Christmas. Now we are getting Dwight’s and it is as strange as you would think it is.

One thing the writers beautifully explored tonight is that not only is this our last Christmas in Scranton, but it is likely Jim’s as well. In this episode he had to leave early for his first day at the new company in Philadelphia.

Dwight expressing sadness at Jim leaving was incredibly touching. Over the years it seems these guys actually do care about each other. I loved how Pam and Dwight were there for each other after Jim had left.

But of course, Jim came back. He was met with a hug, not from Pam, but from Dwight. This is the most emotional this show has been since Michael left.

Meanwhile, Erin has never seen Die Hard and Pete is determined to show it to her. When she gets an email from Andy saying he needs to think things over, the romance potential between Erin and Pete grows significantly.

Some other nice little tidbits we will hopefully get to see in 2013: Darryl got an interview at Jim’s company and Nellie and Toby hooked up!

In the final shot before the end credits, everyone in the office celebrated this festive holiday together and the camera slowly pulled back on the last Christmas we get to celebrate with these people. When The Office returns we are in the home stretch, and if this episode proves anything, it is going to be a heartbreaking departure.



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