Psy says 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' performance of 'Gangnam Style' is the 'end' of the song

By Gina DiFalco,

It’s undeniable that Psy had an unbelievable year with his hit “Gangnam Style,” which broke the YouTube record for the most watched video in history with 1 billion views.

And although the song gave him success and made him pretty rich, Psy reveals that his performance of the song on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve will be the end of the song.

"Being in Times Square on New Year's Eve is already special — it's the biggest stage in the universe — plus it's my birthday, so, with all that, it may be the ending of 'Gangnam Style,'" he told MTV News. "I mean, what better way to do it? It's my biggest and most meaningful birthday."

Of course, he didn’t really mean the song was “ending,” as he still has performances lined up to perform it. But he does want to make clear that he has a new single on the way.

"The song became too popular, and so you start to have some concern about its life period. I'm really working hard on a new single right now, and I'm not saying ['Gangnam'] is ending on 'Dick Clark' — I still have a lot of invitations to perform it ... I'll be in Paris, and in February I got invited to perform in China, and I've still got to do promo,” he said. “So let me say that in America I need a new single because 'Gangnam Style' got too popular, so I've got to write a new single."

Meanwhile, host Ryan Seacrest appeared on GMA and talked about hosting the annual New Year’s program without Dick Clark for the first time since his death.

“Surreal is probably the most appropriate word,” he said, Just Jared reports. “You think back forty years ago he started the tradition… I not only watched him, I used to watch him and study how he hosted these shows.”

“He was kind of like my guidance counselor,” he added. “He’d always make you feel like you were his good friend. He was like that in person as well.”



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