Randy Travis pleads not guilty to assault charges

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Country singer Randy Travis has plead "not guilty" following his August arrest.

Travis appeared in court on Friday where he submitted a not guilty plea following his arrest for a scuffle that occurred in a church parking lot, L.A. Times reports.

As we previously reported, Travis was arrested outside of a Texas church after a verbal altercation began between Travis, his girlfriend and another man.

L.A. Times notes that the 53-year-old singer's lawyer, Larry Friedman, explained to Dallas News that Travis was simply defending his girlfriend and her 17-year-old daughter. His co-attorney, Pete Shulte, notes that another man was also present during the altercation.

Friedman explains, “Randy was a Good Samaritan. He was the Good Samaritan. He intervened in an assault by two men who were beating two women, one of whom was a minor. When he intervened, one of those two attackers attacked Randy, and he defended himself.”

Continuing he adds, “When the police arrived, one attacker was on top of Randy, and the police pulled him off Randy. But Randy was trying to protect the two women from further harm.”

Shulte insists that his client is innocent.

Travis will be expected back in court in 2013.



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