Sarah Jessica Parker’s makeup artist fined for shoplifting in Norway, calls theft a mistake

By Daniel S Levine,

Sarah Jessica Parker was on her way back to New York from Oslo, Norway earlier this week, when it was reported that a member of her entourage was nabbed for shoplifting at the Oslo airport. It turned out to be her longtime makeup artist, who insisted that it was just a mistake.

According to TMZ on Wednesday, the Sex and the City star was heading back the US and was ready to board the plane when officers stopped them. A shop owner complained that one of her assistants stole an expensive pair of sunglasses. The assistant paid a $1,400 fine.

Later, Parker’s rep told TMZ that it was not a member of her entourage, but the site later found that it was Leslie Lopez, Parker’s makeup assistant since 2005. The two were even pictured together on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

Lopez issued a statement to Perez Hilton claiming that it was all a mistake and that she didn’t intend on taking the sunglasses.

“I was purchasing items in a duty free shop early yesterday at the Oslo airport and mistakenly failed to remove a pair of sunglasses from my cart while rushing to the gate,” Lopez stated. “While there have been no charges against me, I am sorry for any embarrassment this misunderstanding has caused.”

However, TMZ notes that there is surveillance tape, which was obtained by Norway’s Kjendis.no, that shows Lopez taking lipstick out of another store at the airport. The owner later filed a police report.

Parker was in Norway to host an event for the Nobel Institute.



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