'Sesame Street' to air episode about divorce online

By Krista Alice Hornyak,

Sesame Street is going to air an episode about divorce online for the first time ever.

The episode will carefully broach the topic by having friendly fairy Abby Cadabby and her pals draw pictures of their houses. While the friends draw one house, Abby will proudly hold up pictures of two houses, stating one is where she lives with her mom and one is where she lives with her dad.

Gordon will help her explain that this is because of divorce and tell the children that this means that her parents are not married anymore.

Writers and producers believed that because of Abby Cadabby’s relatable and nonthreatening manner, she would get positive messages across about divorce.

This prediction turned out to be right when the segment was tested on preschoolers prior to its release.

Time.com reports that not only did children grasp where Abby lived, they understood why.

Preschoolers who watched the video were comforted by the fact that Abby was still happy, loved, and the divorce was not her fault. They were able to feel those emotions along with her, and hopefully, apply them to their own lives.

According to the Huffington Post, this episode of Sesame Street is part of a larger "Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce" online initiative. These teaching tools also include books, guidebooks, web seminars, and a mobile phone app for parents.

The episode will not air on television, but must be actively sought out and downloaded by parents. This way, the topic of divorce is not announced unwarranted in living rooms across the country. Parents can choose if and when they wish to talk about it.



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