Shakira sued by ex-boyfriend for $100 million over breach of contract

By Daniel S Levine,

Pop star Shakira is being sued for $100 million by her ex-boyfriend and former manager, Antonio de la Rúa, over a breach of contract. He claims that he is owed compensation for the impact he had on the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer’s career while they were together.

According to E! News, de la Rúa claims in the lawsuit, which he filed in New York on Nov. 20, that he and the singer, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, had a "business partnership.” The purpose of the partnership “was to market, expand, and profit from the ‘Shakira brand.’”

The two met back in 2000 and de la Rúa helped Shakira garner an international fanbase outside of Latin America. By 2004, she asked him to take control of the business side of the “Shakira brand” and, the lawsuit claims, he “would be entitled to a percentage of the profits of the Partnership in exchange for the contribution of his business and marketing knowledge, skills, and expertise.”

Although the two split up romantically in 2010, de la Rúa claims that he still had a business relationship with Shakira. He says that after a “crisis” with concert promoter Live Nation was resolved, she suddenly ended the relationship in October 2011.

“From that day, Mebarak has adopted a strategy of trying to rewrite history, which includes denying the existence of a partnership, belittling de la Rúa's contributions to the Partnership, and mischaracterizing past events,” the suit claims. “Perhaps having moved on in her personal life, Mebarak felt that remaining business partners with de la Rúa created difficulties in her new relationship. Whether that is true or not, Mebarak is not entitled to ignore the fact that, as a business partner, de la Rúa has a financial interest in the Partnership that exists entirely separate and apart from their former romantic relationship.”

According to Fox News, Shakira also faced lawsuits from her former employees in September. She decided to countersue when they threatened to reveal facts about her private life if they weren’t paid.

Shakira is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Gerard Piqué.



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