Shania Twain headlining Vegas show after 8-year hiatus

By Kristen Porricelli,

Shania Twain began her two-year residency at Vegas' Caesars Palace Saturday after eight years away from performing.

"The show is very fun for me. I was a bit worried that we were staying in the same place. Was I going to lose that edge? But I've never had a show this exciting before," Twain said, according to People.

The 90-minute, 18-song set was filled with flashy costumes designed by Marc Bouwer and theatrics appropriate for a Vegas show, reports Billboard. The audience also gave her a standing ovation before Twain even started singing.

Although the show lived up to Vegas show standards, Twain also brought in some of her Northern Ontario background. She rode a black horse during "I Ain't No Quitter" and a white one during "Still The One." Her sister Carrie-Ann came on stage as well.

"We were the hicks from the sticks. We really didn't have much. I talk about my mother a lot because I miss her. She passed away a long time ago and she never got to see any of my success…. I wouldn't have made it onstage without her. So it's kind of sad she couldn't see it," Twain said when she talked about her family.

The show entitled "Shania: Still the One" runs through December 15 and will return on March 19 with a 14-show engagement.



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