'Sons of Anarchy' - 'Darthy' Recap

By Matthew Dagen,

As the Sons meet at the clubhouse in preparation fro their meeting with the Irish, Bobby tells Jax that he wants to bring Clay to the table so he can come clean about what he did with the Nomads and the home invasions. Jax clearly doesn't like Bobby going behind his back on this, but Bobby says he's doing it because it's a club issue. In the chapel, Clay tells the club why he did it: he thought he wanted the gavel back because he thought Jax didn't have it in him to run the club. Clay admits he was wrong. The club then puts it to vote for Clay to lose his patch (club membership) and to meet Mr. Mayhem (death). The former passes unanimously, but Bobby votes no for the latter.

Chibbs goes outside to get Clay, but before he can lead Clay back inside, Jax runs outside and tackles Clay to the ground. He starts beating him savagely, punching him repeatedly in the face, and easily could have killed him if not for the rest of the club pulling Jax off. Back inside, Jax accuses Bobby of making a deal with Clay, something Bobby doesn't deny. He says he had to do it to keep Jax from turning into the man he was trying to kill. Out in the garage, Clay weeps alone, likely wishing for death now that he's lost the club.

At the hospital, Lowen meets with Tara about the Otto situation. As they're walking to the deposition, Lowen asks Tara if she has a plan for the boys should Tara have to do any time. Tara hadn't quite thought of that, but she knows for sure that Gemma isn't anywhere in that line of succession. At the deposition, Tara admits her connection to Jax and the club and says she was at the prison to try and change the poor treatment given to inmates. She lies, saying she didn't know she would have access to Otto and that she didn't see the harm in bringing Otto a cross for him to pray with.

Jax and Chibbs ride out to Charming Heights to meet with Pope. As Pope looks over some plans for the development of the site, Jax tells him that he needs 20 more kilos from Pope for Reno to offset some gun costs. Pope is very impressed with Jax's business prowess and agrees. Jax then asks Pope for some advice. he wants to know if Pope would ever go against the advice of everyone else to get what he wants. Pope assumes correctly that his has to do with Clay, and responds by telling Jax that the act of revenge isn't a "greater good" type of deal, but a necessity from time to time. Pope then closes their meeting by wanting to know how much longer until he gets to kill Tig. Jax wants to wrap up his deal with Lin and the cartel first, then he has no problem turning over Clay's former right-hand man.

The Sons go to the meet between Lin and the cartel. Lin shows off his big guns to Romeo and Luis and they both like what they see. Lin tells them it will take a couple months to set up getting the guns in regularly. Romeo and Luis agree, give Lin the down payment, but then tell Jax that they'll need a shipment from the Irish in the meantime.

At the hospital, Tara meets with Wendy. She tells Wendy half the truth about her situation, just telling her enough about Gemma's car accident and the job offer in Portland that she doesn't have a back-up plan to take care of the boys if anything happens. Tara also tells Wendy that she's on the list at the daycare so she can go see Abel.

The Sons go to meet the Irish at the barn. Galen immediately notices Clay's absence, to which Bobby tells him that Clay is out, and throws his cut down in front of Galen. Jax asks for one last shipment for the cartel, then ties are cut between the Irish and the Mexicans. Jax wants it to get back to normal, and Galen seems to agree, but then Romeo, Luis and some of their muscle bust in. Pope informed Romeo that Clay was out, so Romeo thought it best to supervise the meeting. One of Romeo's guys goes to unload the guns, but Galen doesn't necessarily like this, so he shoots the man in the chest. A gun fight breaks out, but both the Sons and the Irish are severely outnumbered. Romeo takes the guns, and the money, and leaves. Galen, who never liked Jax to begin with, tells him that the Sons are going to feel these repercussions on both continents. As the Irish leave, Jax orders that the clubhouse be locked down and that they get the Tacoma chapter down to help out.

Nero is at Diosa with his crew, talking about how they're losing turf and how to fix that problem. They are interrupted by Gemma walking in. Gemma tells Nero that Clay is out of the club and that Jax beat him nearly half to death. She asks if Nero's doctor can take a look at Clay, to which he agrees. Nero has a lot on his plate right now, having gone back into the life he tried to hard to get past. Lyla interrupts the both of them, and says they need to get back to the clubhouse as per the lockdown.

Clay is packing all his club related stuff into boxes, which seems to be just about everything he owns. He gives Juice his .45 ACP pistol. Clay tells Juice that Piney had given it to Clay as a gift way back in the day. Tig comes in tell the two of them that they need to get to the clubhouse. Clay seems fine staying behind at his house, but Tig insists that he isn't safe on his own.

Jax goes to the hospital to check on Tara and before he can get to his wife, he sees Abel out in the hallway with Wendy. Jax calls over his son, wondering what Wendy is doing with the boy. She tries to explain that Tara said it was OK. Jax takes Abel back to daycare and tells Wendy to meet him outside. A tall white man follows Wendy outside. Jax and Chibbs head outside, but after hearing tires screech, Wendy is gone.

Back inside the hospital, Tara returns to her office to see the man who had beat and threatened Otto sitting on the couch. He introduces himself as Lee Toric, the brother of the nurse that Otto killed, and a retired U.S. Marshal. He wants complete details of the murder. Tara breaks it down for him pretty much how it happened. She tells Toric that his sister was unconscious when he was killed, so she likely didn't feel a thing. He asks Tara if Jax was involved with the death, and that's when Toric shows Tara his old badge. He just wants to know her side of the story, because the authorities are taking Otto's statement the following day.

At the clubhouse, Tara tells Jax about her visitor. She also tells Jax about why Wendy was there, but Jax holds firm that he doesn't want Wendy anywhere near their boys. Chibbs comes in saying that Galen had just called. He called Clay personally, demanding payment for the guns and that they're holding Wendy as a hostage. Jax actually laughs when he hears who the hostage is, but Nero offers up a solution. After kicking Clay out, Nero tells Jax that he can use the money Nero had been saving to buy his uncle's ranch. Nero knows he's back "in," so there's no point in trying to get out anymore. He's going to need guns and friends for his crew. Jax and Nero shake on the agreement.

Tig and Clay get ready to go get Wendy back. Clay tells him that he knows Tig voted to kill him. Tig says that he earned that vote, and doesn't feel bad about it. After getting Wendy back, Clay hangs back to talk with Galen. He explains to the Irishman that Jax wants to eventually end the club's relationship with the Real IRA, but Clay wants to personally continue it. Clay also wants to catch a ride to Belfast to law low, to which Galen agrees. Clay also wants Gemma to come with and invites Tig to join in as well.

Back at the clubhouse, Wendy is livid with Jax at learning that Abel had been kidnapped and taken to Belfast. She plans to report it and use it to her advantage to get custody of him. Tara knows she's serious about this one. Jax knows there's no record of Abel being in Belfast, so he knows Wendy has nothing to go on. As Jax gives Unser the info on the U.S. Marshal, Tig takes Wendy home.

Gemma goes to sit with Clay in the office. He gives her the original documents from the safe that Frankie Diamonds and the Nomads had stolen. He says he did it because he thought he wanted the club back, but sitting next to Gemma, he realizes that all he wanted back was his wife. He tells Gemma about the gun deal he made with Galen, and wants her to come with. Gemma says she'll think about it.

Clay leaves the office and heads to the garage. He kneels down in front of everyone, ready for his ink to be blacked out. Happy starts to effectively remove Clay's club tattoos, not really worrying about staying within the lines or worrying about the blood that started to pool on the ground. Jax leaves while Happy is blacking out Clay's "Mayhem" tattoo.

Jax pulls up behind Tig and the tow truck outside an apartment complex. Tig points out the unit Jax is looking for, and gives him something that is "ready to shoot." Tig offers to stay, but Jax tells him to leave. Jax goes upstairs and knocks on Wendy's door. He makes sure she's alone, then throws her against the wall. He tells her that he's going to report her for talking crazy about Abel and Belfast, then demand a drug test. The latter part of the threat didn't seem to make sense, seeing as how Wendy has been clean since Gemma tried to overdose her, but then Jax pulls out a needle and injects his ex-wife with heroin. "You don't ever threaten my family again."

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