Sony ends production of Playstation 2 console in Japan

By Daniel S Levine,

Sony announced last week that it is no longer going to produce the Playstation 2 video game console, which has been one of the most popular systems in the world since it was released 12 years ago. The company reportedly told Japanese retailers that it will stop shipping the machines.

According to PCMag.com, Japan’s Famitsu confirmed the news. So from now on, once Japanese retailers run out of their current stock, that’s it.

Sony said back in February 2011 that the Playstation 2 had surpassed 150 million units shipped, making it the most popular system in the world. Since it was officially launched in Japan in March 2000, 1.52 billion games were sold.

The BBC notes that there will still be new PS2 releases, though. Another edition of the Final Fantasy series is due out in March 2013. It is estimated that a total of 11,000 games were made for the system during its lifetime.

The PS2 is also credited with helping the DVD boom, since the system can also play DVD movies.

Like the PS2, the Playstation 3 will also likely have a long lifespan. The company hopes to support the PS3 through 2015, ten years after it launched, notes PCMag. “And we're going to continue supporting it not only that long, but as long as there is a development spigot that's running hot,” John Koller, Sony's director of hardware marketing, told Gamespot. “And I can tell you right now, the development spigot for PS3 is very hot. A lot of great games coming. Same thing with PS2… it's kind of stuck around as that old warrior, many years after its launch. But there's still games launching for it.”

It is rumored that a Playstation 4 is in development for a mid-2013 launch, but nothing has been confirmed. Sony has also not confirmed if production of the PS2 will stop in other countries.



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