Stephen Colbert donating super PAC money to Hurricane Sandy relief charities (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Stephen Colbert still has money left from the super PAC he established during presidential campaign. The Colbert Report host told his audience during last night’s episode that the remaining $773,704.83 will go to charities to help with Hurricane Sandy relief.

Colbert said that Donorschoose.org, Team Rubicon and Habitat for Humanity for will each receive $125,000 for their Sandy relief efforts. Another $125,000 will go to Yellow Ribbon Fund, which assists service members and their families, reports The Washington Post.

According to Politico, Colbert closed his super PAC last month, when the money was donated to a nonprofit he called Colbert Super PAC SHH Institute. The money then went to the Ham Rove Memorial Fund, named after a canned ham that looked oddly like Karl Rove.

Ham Rove was the super PAC’s “chief strategist and principal lunch meat,” but Colbert cut him up and gave him to a dog.

During Thursday’s episode, the last of 2012, Colbert said the memorial fund received an anonymous donation of exactly $773,704.83. “Where did that specific amount of cash come from? It says it came from P.O. Box Bite Me,” he said as he read a letter about the donation.

The rest of the money is going to Center For Responsive Police and the Campaign Legal Center, which will rename their conference and meeting rooms “Colbert Super PAC Memorial Conference Room” and “Ham Rove Memorial Conference Room,” respectively.

“Just think, As the tidal wave of money continues to engulf politics, and these advocates for transparency are moaning about how powerless they are to stop it, little Ham here will be up on that wall watching the whole thing unfold with relish — and, maybe a little dijon,” Colbert said.



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