‘Supernatural’ Recap: Citizen Fang

By Freda Eang,

With Castiel off soul searching, Benny comes back into the picture. Apparently he’s been laying low working at a bar, but recent human disappearance has caused quite a stir. Not trusting Benny, Sam had sent a fellow hunter to observe him. The hunter of late finds Benny suspicious, hence calling in the Winchesters.

Sam tells Dean that things don’t look good for Benny, but Dean is sure Benny is not involved. When the two arrive in town, Dean asks Sam to give him time to talk to Benny. Dean finds Benny and inquires about the deaths. Benny explains that there’s another vampire in town who’s been killing people. Dean and Benny find the vampire later that day and take care of him before he can do more evil. While this is all happening, the hunter that’s with Sam tells him that Dean is crazy to trust a vampire. He insists that the two of them take Benny out without Dean knowing, but Sam believes in Dean. Still a little crazy after being locked up, the hunter decides to take matters into his own hand. He goes back to the bar that Benny works at and takes his granddaughter (who doesn’t know she’s Benny’s granddaughter) hostage.

Dean and Benny part ways prior to the hostage crisis, but Benny comes hurrying back after the hunter calls him. When he gets to the bar, the hunter wants Benny to kill himself in exchange for his granddaughter’s life. We see Benny preparing to cut off his own head right before the camera shifts to lots of blood and his granddaughter screaming. Benny is not seen again, but after Dean arrives on the scene, it’s revealed that Benny is alive, his granddaughter safe, but the hunter is dead.

Meanwhile, Sam takes a trip to go see Amelia after getting an S.O.S. text. Little did he know that it was Dean using Amelia’s phone, but while in town for a bit; he does cross paths with Amelia. Any predictions of how Sam will react? Where did Benny run off to? Any who, we’ll have to wait till the New Year to see what else the writers have in store. Castiel will be back.

The next Supernatural episode will return Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.



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