SyFy reschedules ‘Haven’ episode with high school violence that was pulled following Newtown shootings

By Daniel S Levine,

After pulling Friday night’s episode of Haven following the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy, SyFy has announced that it has rescheduled the episode for next month.

Friday’s Haven episode dealt with a scene of fictional violence at a high school and was among the changes networks made over the weekend after the shootings. Fox also decided to pull its new episodes of Family Guy and American Dad.

According to Deadline, the network decided today that it will wait until Jan. 17 to air the episode.

Due to the show’s serialized structure of Haven, SyFy also decided to pull the season three finale, which was supposed to air this Friday. Instead the finale will air immediately following the rescheduled episode.

SyFy aired the Eureka episode “Do You See What I See” Friday in Haven’s place.

Haven is based on a Stephen King novel and stars Emily Rose as an FBI agent.

According to Entertainment Weekly, TLC also announced that the special Best Funeral Ever will be delayed until Jan. 6 out of respect to the victims of the shootings. It had been previously scheduled for Dec. 26.



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