Tabloids fire back at Tom Cruise, calls abandonment claims ‘substantially true’

By Daniel S Levine,

Tom Cruise is no stranger to outrageous tabloid claims, but in the middle of his divorce from Katie Holmes this summer, the actor was particularly angered with claims that he abandoned his daughter, Suri. He and his lawyer called them false and eventually sued the publishers for $50 million in October. Bauer Publishing Co. is fighting back, claiming that its headlines were true.

Back in June, Cruise’s lawyer, Bert Fields, issued a statement slamming Life & Style’s “grotesquely false claims.” He said at the time, “Tom dearly loves Suri, and the last thing he would ever do is abandon her.”

In October, Cruise and Fields filed a $50 million lawsuit against Bauer, which also publishes In Touch, another magazine that claimed Cruise had abandoned Suri.

E! News reports that Bauer is now fighting back, issuing a response on Friday.

Bauer stands behind its reports, claiming that they are “substantially true” and that its magazines “do not assert verifiably false facts, and/or constitute rhetorical hyperbole or subjective statements of opinion.”

Bauer explains that the Jack Reacher star “cannot prove that he has suffered any compensable damage as a result of any actionable statement published by the Bauer Defendants.” He is “a public figure and the Bauer Defendants did not act with actual malice.”

Fields and Cruise will have none of it though. “The Bauer magazines said that Tom 'abandoned' his child. That is unequivocally false, malicious and libelous,” Fields told E! News.



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