Taylor Swift and Harry Styles continue tour of northern England, Swift meets his mom and sister

By Gina DiFalco,

Happy birthday, Taylor Swift!

The Red singer turns 23 today and she opted to spend the occasion with new boyfriend, One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Swift and Styles have been spending the last few days in northern England, where they’ve been seen eating dinner by a fire at a pub, taking in the sights at the Lake District and posing for pictures for fans.

The manager of the restaurant they ate at told People, "She is just having a nice tour of England. They were like any typical group of people having dinner. Everyone thinks they are a couple, but to be honest, we had no sense of that at all."

But other reports have suggested otherwise, with some saying they’ve been pretty touchy feely. Another sign it could be getting serious is Styles introduced Swift to his mother, Anne Cox. Swift also met Styles’ sister, Gemma, who goes to college near where they were visiting.

The Daily Mail notes that starting in New York City, the two have been nearly inseparable for about two weeks now.

image: CBS



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