Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' relationship 'annoying' One Direction band mates

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Although most fans are ecstatic that Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles have reunited, it seems the remaining members of One Direction are less than impressed with the couple’s private rendezvousing.

Swift and Styles jetted off to London alone Saturday after being spotted holding hands in New York City, E! News reports. A source tells the site, “The rest of the band were a bit annoyed about the whole thing."

“They took a Virgin commercial flight and there were tons of spare seats on the jet,” the source continues. “They were a bit miffed that Harry chose to go with her instead of them. They had just finished a huge concert in NY and all of them were on a high, the fact he left them to travel solo irritated them a bit."

The source adds that the “Red” singer opted to take the bus with the 1D band after their Saturday night performance. “Taylor got on the boy's tour bus and took the three and a half hour drive from London to Manchester with the rest of the band,” the source adds. “It was a nice gesture of her. And definitely came across as her way of making nice with everyone, of bridging the gap. She wanted to show them she is one of the boys."

Swift should be careful with her heart this time as the source also mentions that Swift isn’t really “Harry’s type” and that “Harry isn't looking for anything serious right now."



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