Taylor Swift reveals what she got for Christmas

By April Chieffo,

Taylor Swift got some unique gifts this Christmas that only her family could get away with giving her.

The 23-year-old "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer recently revealed what her family members got her this year. The gifts had her questioning her age.

On Wednesday, Swift tweeted, "I shouldn't read into the fact that my family got me a new Scrabble board (the one that swivels!) [and] cat treats, right? Am I 85."

Swift, of course, does have a cute furry friend, a Scottish Fold cat named Meredith.

Swift’s family, though, has given the country superstar more than enough over the years. Recently she opened up about the best Christmas present she has ever received from them.

"The [best gift I ever received was a] guitar I learned to play on,” she said, according to Starpulse. "It belonged to the guy who fixed my computer - he taught me a few chords on it when I was 12. Years later my dad tracked him down and bought it. It was such a touching gift."

Photo: Taylor Swift, Twitter



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