T.I. defends the cover art for his new LP 'Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head'

By Gina DiFalco,

There has been some anger expressed over rapper T.I.’s cover of his new LP Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head, as it seems like he’s wielding a gun.

The gun issue has been a touchy subject since last Friday, when the tragic incident in Newtown, Connecticut took place. Furthermore, T.I. was arrested for carrying a gun in 2007.

On Wednesday, the rapper appeared on Rap Fix Live and cleared up that he’s holding a “metaphorical, creative, conceptual gun that represents all of the things in life that can get a man in trouble in the form of what one can consider a gun, however not a real gun," MTV News reports.

The gun is decorated in many temptations of life, such as money, dice, cars, women and more.

He continued "And that was not even a real pose, that was an illustration. So if it was a real gun that would've just been a real gun that they drew in the hand of someone that looks very similar to T.I.”

"But it was a drawing, there was not a gun being held in any photo shoot, anywhere and I want everybody to make sure that they know that and get that very, very clear and understood, OK.”

E! Online reports that T.I.’s new LP features collaborations with Pink, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly and Cee Lo Green.

image: Twitter



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