'Titanic' 15-year anniversary has actress Ellie Bensinger remembering filming fondly

By Krista Alice Hornyak,

It’s been 15 years since James Cameron’s Titanic was released, and even those with minor roles remember the filming process fondly.

Ellie Bensinger, now 21, played a young girl being taught how to be proper by her mother.

“It's the scene where Kate Winslet is having tea with her mom and she looks over her shoulder and sees me, being taught to be a member of society,” Bensinger told the Huffington Post. “It makes her have reservations."

The little scene had a lot of impact, and is remembered well by fans.

At the time, Bensinger had felt a bit overwhelmed by how large the whole project was, but there were definitely fun moments for her.

One was that her real mother actually got to play her mother in the film.

Another was going to visit Kate Winslet in the hair and makeup room.

“I went and sat on the counter in front of her and she and I talked for a while, while she was getting her hair done...” Bensinger recalled. “I remember thinking she was the most beautiful woman in the world.”

According to IMDB, Titanic won 11 Oscars and has grossed billions worldwide.

Not too shabby to have that on your resume.

Bensinger is currently a senior studying theater at Northwestern University.



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