Top 10 Craziest Moments of 'The Jersey Shore'

By Danielle Costa,

It has happened: The Jersey Shore has ended.

Last night, we said goodbye to our favorite 8 guidos and guidettes. It was a bitter sweet ending and of course there was no shortage of fun and crazy moments from the finale. In honor of the end of the show, here’s a look back at some crazy moments from the series!

10. Angelina leaves and then returns: No one ever really got along with Angelina, so when she left first season the rest of the cast didn’t think much of it. However, in season two she makes another appearance and the drama starts all over again!

9. Hello Deena: After Angelina leaves for the second time, the cast adds a new guidette to the crew, Deena! The first thing we learn about Deena is that she is “a blast in a glass”, and the fun continues from there! She proceeds to get completely drunk on her first day and she goes nuts...with no pants on! It is safe to say that her first impression was a very interesting one.

8. The letter: When Ronnie basically cheated on Sammi in Miami, J-Woww and Snooki decided to write Sammi a letter to tell her all about his dirty deeds. When Sammi finds it, the results are catastrophic. She has it out with Ronnie and eventually the letter causes a huge fight between her and J-Woww!

7.Snooki and Deena Make Out: The two meatballs love each other, right? Well, in this episode, they loved each other a lot! After a night of drinking, they decided to make out at the bar to entertain themselves for the night.

6. Snooki crashes: In Italy, Snooki and Deena were out for a day of fun. Snooki was clearly not used to driving in a foreign country and ended up hitting a cop car. The two meatballs were taken into custody, but never charged.

5. Pauly D’s Stalker: Pauly D has had many girls on the show, but one stands out from the rest: his stalker, Danielle. Danielle and Pauly hit it off right away, but when she kept showing up wherever he was and trying to get him to call her back. What follows is a stalker that no one, especially Pauly, will forget!

4. Mike hits a wall: In Italy, there were plenty of crazy moments! One day, Mike was getting angry and completely psyching himself up for a fight! Unfortunately, he psyched himself up too much and hit a wall in the process. The impact made him pass out and took all of his energy out of a real fight! He then had a neck brace...all because he hit the wall!

3. Sammi and Ronnie have an all out brawl: I know what you’re thinking, which one? I’m talking about the time that caused Sammi to actually leave the shore house! Ronnie and Sammi got into yet another fight, and Ronnie went ballistic and destroyed all of her things. It got really serious, really fast! This was definitely one of the craziest moments, and craziest fights on the show!

2. Ronnie and Mike fight it out: In one of the most intense fights of the show, Ronnie and Mike finally get into a full on brawl! Things were being thrown and so were punches! It gets so intense that the show’s crew actually had to step in and break it up!

1. Snooki gets punched in the face: We never saw this actually happen as MTV pulled the actual scene from the show due to its controversial material. However, all of the impact this scene brought was probably the craziest of the series! The roommates came together during this moment and really showed their love for one another...they also showed how protective they could be as they threatened the guy up and down the boardwalk!

Will you miss The Jersey Shore? What were your favorite moments?



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