Top 10 Gifts Not To Get Your Man for Christmas

By Amanda Thambounaris,
If you’re not sure what to get your husband or boyfriend this Christmas, check out this list of what NOT to get

Every year us women rack our brains and walk through countless aisles to find the best Christmas present for our significant other. Knowing what to get is easy, but knowing what not to get is the tough part. Gift-giving is about showing your love for someone, so getting something that can be used, doesn’t necessarily mean it shows your love. Here are the top 10 gifts not to get your husband or boyfriend for Christmas:

10. Socks or Underwear

Men want gifts that are useful, not something that they have an abundance of or wear every day. According to Yahoo.com, they’re an easy gift that you can be sure they won't return or re-gift, but not a very thoughtful one.

9. Tie

Most men wear ties when they are either working or attending a fancy party. Yahoo.com points out that even though that tie may have caught your eye, it will most likely sit in the back of his closet along with all his other ties that he would rather not wear.

8. Office Supplies

Like number two, this is the type of gift that will remind your man of work, rather than a gift of love.

7. "Gag Gifts" (and other useless knick knacks)

Your man may be entertained for a few days by a funny gift before it gets thrown in the basement and never seen again. A house, condo, or apartment can only hold so many cute knick knacks.

6. "Self-Improvement" Gifts (unless specifically asked for)

According to Yahoo.com, you may think you are giving a subtle hint by gifting him exercise equipment or diet cookbooks, but how excited would you be if your significant other insinuated that should be losing weight? Even if he has gained a few too many pounds over the past year, it’s not the best idea to give him these types of gifts, including self-improvement gifts like meditation tapes or yoga equipment, unless he specifically asks for it.

5. Lovey Dovey Gifts

When buying gifts for your man, do not at all think about what you would want. Squidoo says that gifts like flowers, poetry, “I love you” wall hangings and picture frames are not on his wish list. Christms is about getting him the things that he’s spent all year wishing for, and these types of gifts are not it.

4. Tools

According to Yahoo.com, do not give tools as a gift to men. Although it is great to have a handy man around, it’s a good idea to shy away from giving him the tools for Christmas. Instead, give him a gift HE will love.

3. Clothing

Many men have their own sense of style, usually have certain shirts, pants et., that they prefer. Yahoo.com states that even if you know him extremely well, such as exact size, style and designer he likes, shy away from giving clothes as a gift. Sometimes men have different tastes in styles, so instead of buying something you’re unsure about, shy away from giving clothes as a gift.

2. Cologne

According to Yahoo.com, giving cologne to a man is a bad gift idea. He may feel that you think he smells bad, or you may pick out cologne that he does not like, leaving him no choice but to never wear it.

1. Décor

Yahoo.com states that if the man in your life lives alone, do not give him a gift for the house. Men do not like this as a gift, as your taste in decor may not be his taste. Men that live alone have a look to their home that is all their own, a man-cave if you will. He may feel you are trying to hint at something like, you need a woman's touch to your home, or you think he has bad taste for décor.

Happy Shopping!



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