Top 10 Google Searches for 2012

By J M Cornwell,
What Were You Looking For?

1. From a musical family and straight to the top, Whitney Houston's rise was a comet on the music horizon. She came, she saw, she sang her heart out, and then fame, fortune, and drugs took her down to the depths. She fought a losing battle with drugs and anorexia that ended in the bathtub when she slipped under the water and drowned. Even though Whitney wasn't on everyone's minds, unless the tabloids were shouting about her problems, she soared to the top of the list at Google when everyone wanted to know what happened and why?

The #1 spot goes to Whitney Houston, a brilliant talent and a shocking end.

2. I'm not an aficionado of rap music, but I have to say that "Gangnam Style" had me snapping my fingers and jumping in my seat. The costumes, dancing, and technobeat are the heart of his style. No wonder Korean rapper, PSY's "Gangnam Style" hit the #2 spot at nearly a billion hits.

3. Hundreds of billions of dollars of some of the most beautiful beach front properties was at the heart of the news this year when Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast at Southampton and didn't stop going until she had ravaged New Jersey, New York, and the surrounding area in a display of wrath and rain, showcasing nature at her most devastating and searchers looking for loved ones and a front row seat. Hurricane Sandy blew into the #3 spot.

4. From nature to the nature of the next latest technology, Apple cruised into the #4 spot on Google when they launched the the new iPad 3. Everyone wanted to know what to expect. As with everything Apple, more bells, more whistles, and more bucks for the latest gadget.

5. Technology continues with the shock, awe, and amazement of gaming. At the end of all things, there is Diablo 3, promising to take gamers into the heart of the darkness to lay bare its secrets. The future is in your hands.

6. In the whole world there are about 50 royal families, but the world, and Americans, want to know what's going on with the British Royal family. When Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and 2nd in line for the British throne, married Kate Middleton back here in the real world, Google was swamped with searches for pictures and news, but 2012 sent the searchers back to their computers when it was announced Duchess Kate was pregnant.

Her happy pregnancy has been marred by morning sickness that just will not go away and sent the Duchess into the hospital, which pushed Duchess Kate into the #6 spot. The rumor is that the Duchess is expecting twins, an heir and a spare on her first try. Well done, Kate.

7. After the extravagant Chinese Olympics in 2008, what could England offer? Well, there's Robin Hood, King Arthur, King Henry VIII, and William the Conqueror for a start, except that isn't what people want to see at the Olympics. History and literature featuring the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien and J. K. Rowling might fill the seats at a reading or movie theater, but visitors to the Olympics want a much bigger show.

And they got it when the show began for the 2012 summer Olympics in Britain. Technophiles kept the WiFi buzzing and Google so busy, the Olympics landed in the #7 spot. What did Britain have in store? Well, no British achievement was left out of the opening ceremonies. Yes, J. K. Rowling was there.

8. She sang. She wrote. She filmed her sadness and pain. Canadian teen Amanda Todd committed suicide after being unable to handle being bullied. Her odyssey in her own words and songs brought Amanda to rest at #8.

9. When he made his debut as a child murderer in The Green Mile opposite Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan showed the world a simple illiterate man with a gift, and a burden. That performance led to more work where the 6' 5" former football player and bodyguard stretched his talents. Aside from his commanding physical size, Michael Clarke Duncan was a charismatic man, dominating the screen with strength and a vulnerability that left movie goers in awe. When he died at the age of 54, his death rocked fans wanting to know why and how it happened. Michael Clarke Duncan holds the #9 spot on Google, but he also holds a special place in the heart of everyone who knew him in life and from the screen.

10. From sadness to shock, Big Brother Brasil 2012 comes in at #10.

It seems we have not lost our curiosity of and appetite for Big Brother, where housemates scheme to be the last person on the show. Money is part of the reason, but for Big Brother Brasil 2012, it seems to be more about sex and nudity and all things titillating. Google searchers went wild for the show with its no holds barred, everything is exposed shows and wanted to know more, more, more.... Nothing was left to the imagination, but I will bet the rape on the show pushed Google's buttons the most.



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