Top 10 Purrfect-Approved Gifts for the Holidays

By May Chan,
Can Purrfect the Persian Cat please return to ‘The Voice’?

Dear Purrfect,
Where have you been? Did you think that you were too good for The Voice? We know you made it big with your own Meow Mix remix jingle, but how about you come back if we bribe you with these kitty knick-knacks purrfect for you and other felines alike?

10. Cat Collar ($14.99 from Jake & Micah)

Something tells me that Cee Lo Green’s white cat would love this purple polka-dot collar with a bell. It announces, “I’m here!” without trying too hard.

9. Pet Food Can Covers ($8.99 from Ruche)

Purrfect, not able to finish a whole can of cat food? No problem. These handy dishwasher safe covers fit most cans, so your handler doesn’t accidentally cut himself against the rim of the cans.

8. Martha Stewart Pets™ Snowman Jingle Dangler ($2.99 from from PetSmart)

Feeling festive? Treat the Purrfect in your life with a snowman jingle friend. With catnip inside the snowman and the multiple bells to keep your cat entertained, this would make the purrfect stocking stuffer!

7. Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed ($166.49 from Amazon)

Because Purrfect is a big-time star now, he has to travel to the studio in style. What better way than with this arctic white plush carrier? Since the carrier is water-resistant, Purrfect can catch up on his beauty sleep.

6. Pee Whiz on the Go ($2.99 from Pee Whiz)

Sometimes accidents happen. This stuff works on mattresses in case Purrfect happens to stay in fancy hotels, and it works on kennels and rugs. Plus, the spray smells like apples, lavender vanilla, cucumber melon, or wild berry. Ooh la la.

5. Claw Enforcement Tee ($24.99 from ModCloth)

Show that cockatoo who’s boss with this authoritative shirt that says it all. Team Purrfect all the way!

4. Kitty Washroom Furniture ($99.98 from Solutions)

Not into watching your cat do his business in front of you? Purrfect feels the same about prying eyes. Keep the litter-box clean with this white cabinet suitable for any corner of the home.

3. Cat Hammock ($29 from Cat Crib)

We bet Purrfect likes his catnaps as much as the next cat. Save space with these hammocks that can be used with any chair with ample space in the bottom. Fantastic gift for the cat on the go!

2. Mew Plate Special Pet Bowl ($14.99 from ModCloth)

Now that Purrfect is a representative of Meow Mix, he probably gets all the free cat food he needs. So, it only makes sense that he has a cute ceramic bowl to eat it with. Not only is the bowl dishwasher and microwave safe, it’s oven safe, too.

1. Sprout Cat Tree ($197 from Cat Palace USA)

For the cat that has it all, Purrfect would love this tree perch if he loves the outdoors without being outside. This 3-foot tree is made of dragon wood and silk leaves and comes fully assembled with a solid wood box.

Hey, Purrfect. That cockatoo has nothing on you, so come back next season before that bird steals your perch, too.

Watch The Voice on Monday and Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on NBC to see who will win. Follow Purrfect the Cat on Twitter to read his ramblings.



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