Top 10 Schmidt-Approved Gifts to Spice Up Your Holidays

By May Chan,
Schmidt from ‘New Girl’ would want you to think of him.

Have someone in your life that’s a bit OCD? Not sure what to get this person for Christmas? If you’ve seen New Girl, you’ll know that Schmidt is all about impeccably tailored suits and contributing to the douche jar, not to mention executing a perfect holiday meal. Here are a few gifts that would strike a chord with the Schmidt in your life:

10. The Art of Shaving The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave ™ ($60 from Sephora)

Got sensitive skin like Schmidt? A convenient kit like this one contains a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, shaving brush, after-shave balm, and a carry-on pouch all in the scent, Sandalwood. As Schmidt would say, “You got some Schmidt on your face.”

9. Chinese Silk Men’s Kimono ($24.99 from eBay)

You know you loved Schmidt’s kimono like the rest of us. Wear this vibrant print and make Schmidty proud!

8. UV Toothbrush Sanitizer ($32 from Urban Outfitters)

Being a germaphobe, Schmidt would find this toothbrush holder handy, since it kills germs with UV light. Plus, it looks like a ninja!

7. Moccasins ($69.99 from Zara)

Remember when Schmidt couldn’t find his driving moccasins? Well, now he won’t have to with these light non-slip ones made of 100 percent leather.

6. The Tie Bar Plaid Cotton Pocket Square ($8 from Nordstrom)

According to Jess, Schmidt paid $300 for a pocket square, but for an accessory that’s probably absent from most men’s vocabulary, why not sport this crisp cotton one in plaid for so much less?

5. Monogrammed Hydrocotton Bath Towels ($31 from Pottery Barn)

Who loves a wet towel? Not Schmidt. That’s why these Turkish cotton towels dry fast, and you can get them monogrammed, you know, just in case your roommate happens to use your towel to dry his rear.

4. New Girl Douchebag Jar ($12.95 from Fox Shop)

Okay, so maybe Schmidt would not love it, but he would totally have a sense of humor if he got this as a gag gift, right? Right?

3. Eva-Dry Mid-Size Dehumidifier ($48.98 from Target)

We all know that Schmidt likes to keep his dehumidifier and towel in one place, and now he can conserve space with this compact one that weighs less than ten pounds!

2. Shun Classic Limited-Edition Angled Paring Knife ($59.96 from Sur La Table)

Who knew Schmidt was a natural in the kitchen? Gift this limited edition knife to the man with the culinary skills to win over Cece’s heart.

1. Hand-Crafted Leather Laptop Sleeve ($70 from Etsy)

Maybe this isn’t a sharkskin laptop sleeve like Schmidt had wanted, but nothing beats a quality Italian leather laptop sleeve made to order.

Do you have a Schmidt in your life that’s hard to please? Share your gift ideas below before Christmas arrives! Meanwhile, watch New Girl on Fox every Tuesday night at 9 p.m.



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