Top 5 Coupon Apps

By Julie Bogen,

Best Overall: Retail Me Not

RetailMeNot is an easy-to-use, extremely convenient app for anyone looking to save a few bucks. Users can search by store, location, and even ask for notifications when in an area with discounts – especially convenient for trips to the mall!

Best for Coupon Consolidation: SnipSnap

SnipSnap is great because it gets rid of the chaos of paper coupons and consolidates them into one electronic space. Anyone with a smartphone can use the camera to scan the coupon’s barcode or number, and SnipSnap will automatically save that coupon for future use.

Best for Price Comparisons: ShopSavvy

Sick of running around searching for the best deal? ShopSavvy will do the work for you by finding the best prices locally or online. It also now allows you to purchase certain items directly on the app from stores such as Best Buy, Target, or Walmart.

Best for Rewards: ShopKick

When using this app, you literally get “kicks” (reward points) for just walking in to stores like Target, American Eagle, and Macy’s. Once you’ve reached a certain number, you can redeem these kicks for gift cards to those same stores, or to places like Starbucks and iTunes.

Best for Store Memberships: Passbook

Passport is one of the newest additions to the iPhone family as part of its iOS6 software or new iPhone 5 models. Though not technically an app for coupons, Passbook keeps track of any VIP or membership cards to places like Sephora or Starbucks so you don’t have to worry about a crowded wallet.



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