Top Ten Boy Toys

By Samantha Reba,

Tis’ the season for a new boy on your arm. Celebrities including J Lo and Demi Moore have debuted their newest arm candy around town. While these two lucky ladies are sporting this latest trend, I’ve decided to do a little research and see who can make it on our top ten list of boy toys.

10. Robert Evans

Seen on the arm of Tyra Banks, this boy toy was the fresh face on America’s Next Top Model as a new judge. He seems to know a great deal about looks and fashion, but who would complain?

9. John Mayer

From being seen with everyone from Taylor Swift to Jennifer Aniston, this musician is on everyone’s list. With a voice like his and laid back attitude, it’s no wonder he has all the girls' attentions.

8. Casper Smart

This is J Lo’s main squeeze at the moment. He is known for his choreography in Glee, SYTYCD and others. This boy must have all the right moves.

Primeras fotos de Jennifer Lopez con su "toyfriend"... on Twitpic

7. Andrew Garfield

While he may be off the market for now, this Spiderman star first came into the spotlight with the hit film, The Social Network and now appears protecting his very own Mary Jane on the arm of Emma Stone. She’s one lucky girl.

SOMEDAY...ONE DAY..You'll be mine. #AndrewGarfield #Drea... on Twitpic

6. Jason Segel

Different from the rest, Segel is a man who carries the sexiest thing of all: humor. Any man that can make us laugh is the man that we should all have by our side.

5. Shia LaBoeuf

Every girl likes a bad boy, especially this one with dynamite looks and a smile that can melt hearts.

4. Ashton Kutcher

He was the personal boy toy of Demi Moore. With his boyish good looks and main character on televisions Two and a Half Men, he is more than just the boy next door.

3. Ed Westwick

Anyone with an English accent automatically goes up ten points in my book. But nothing says hot like a man that can rock a suit and a seductive voice all at the same time. No one gives me chills such as Mr. Chuck Bass.

2. Chace Crawford

Always a great addition to any woman. With piercing eyes and a devilish smile, it’s a shame that no one has scooped him up yet. So at least for now ladies, he’s still on the market.

1. Ryan Gosling

A personal favorite of most everyone that I know. This man portrays a dream gentlemen with his charismatic voice and body that can make anything melt.

I hope Santa knows I’ve been good this year because I have ten specific things in mind.

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