Top Ten Places to Spend New Year’s Eve

By Samantha Reba,

My two favorite times of the year are rapidly approaching: Christmas and New Year's Eve. Christmas is all about family and giving, but New Year's Eve is all about starting new. So while I will be spending the night with a bottle of wine and some great friends, I decided to compile a list of wonderful places to ring in the New Year all over the world.

10. Las Vegas: While it may be the most sinful city, there is so much to do, especially on New Year’s Eve. There is nothing like a little poker and cocktails to ring in the News Year in this celebrated city.

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9. Los Angeles: With its high end restaurants and hotels, it’s the perfect hot spot to spot the most high end people on this special night.

8. Nashville: I’m not much of a country bell, but this place is warm, welcoming and with a history of music, always surrounded by music and laughter.

6. Miami: I’ve been here several times and this city is always a good time. With your feet in the sand and a cold drink in your hand, this place is ready to ring in the New Year with palm trees, mouth watering food and eccentric music and club scene.

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5. New Hope: This small town in Pennsylvania brings in tourists with its rich history and eclectic vintage shops. Bars line the main street and every night is a party.

4. New Orleans: A town where music and southern food was born, New Orleans is the perfect place to ring in the New Year with big bands and spicy food. The warm and spicy atmosphere is the perfect place for anyone to start anew.

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3. Savannah: A city known for its rich, historical background, Savannah is the perfect place where the past, present and future can combine. This quaint city offers an array of music, food and tourist destinations that can appeal to both the young and the old.

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<p>2. New York: The city that never sleeps is a wonderful place to be on the last day of the year. With parties on every block and every type of food imaginable, it’s no wonder why most people choose to line the crowded streets to see the ball drop.</p>
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1. The most important and wonderful place to spend the New Years in my opinion is surrounded with friends and family; the people that matter the most. It doesn’t matter what part of the states you’re in, the only thing that matters is who is standing next to you when the clock strikes midnight.

So I don’t know about you but I’m all about a fresh start on my favorite day of the year. Hope everyone else can say the same. See you all next year!

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