‘Tron: Legacy’ sequel director Joseph Kosinski talks new film, Garrett Hedlund will be back

By Daniel S Levine,

The wheels are finally turning for Disney’s third Tron film. Now that Disney has hired a writer for Tron 3, director Joseph Kosinski has opened up about the project and actor Garrett Hedlund has confirmed that he will be back.

Last week, it was confirmed that Jesse Wigutow to write the most recent draft, following David DiGilio’s original script. Kosinski, who just directed Tom Cruise in Oblivion, was also confirmed to return.

Kosinski spoke to Collider about why he decided to come back.

“Well the only reason to go back, for me and I think for anyone involved would be if we could do something truly spectacular,” he explained. “We’ve been talking about it for a couple years and there’s always been this idea, a big idea, in the back of my head that we’ve been talking about. The idea itself, the notion of what the next Tron could be, is exciting enough that it would be worth going back to do it. Obviously we hinted some things at the end of Legacy, it’s kind of there for people to see what that potential is. So we just want to make sure that we have a script that delivers on that promise on an epic scale.”

He added that the script had to be really good - like Empire Strikes Back good - in order for him to return to the franchise. “I’ve said it would have to be our Empire Strikes Back for me to come back and for me to pull the whole team back together. I think we do have that idea. We do have the idea that feels big and really blows the doors off this franchise,” he said, adding that he’s confident that Wigutow will do a good job.

Hedlund, who was a relatively unknown actor before Legacy told Next Movie that he’ll be back to play Sam Flynn again.

“Disney's very excited,” the On The Road actor said. “That's about that. You know, yeah, I'm very excited, Disney's very excited.”

Legacy made $400 million worldwide and cost a reported $170 million for Disney to produce. It also starred Jeff Bridges, who was in the original Tron film, and Olivia Wilde.



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