‘Twilight’ actor Bronson Pelletier denies urinating at LAX (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier is fighting charges of public intoxication, claiming that he did not urinate at the airport Monday.

As we previously reported, Pelletier, 25, was arrested at LAX for public intoxication. He was allegedly so drunk that he had urinated near the gate and was then taken off the plane.

However, the actor told TMZ his side of the story. “No peeing ... peeing did not happen,” he told the site in LA on Wednesday.

He claims that he was set up by “some guy” who kept buying him drinks before he was set to get on the plane. Then, the “same guy” called officials to pull him off the plane.

The actor’s rep told TMZ that the man is an obsessed fan.

Pelletier was also asked about his felony cocaine and meth possession arrest, which occurred last week. “That situation was ... uh, yeah, no ... that did not happen,” he told the site.

However, it did happen. He was arrested on Dec. 8 after he was found intoxicated at the Gym Bar. Police arrived and searched him, finding drugs in his possession. He was in court on Dec. 11 to plead not guilty and is due back in court on Jan. 17.

Pelletier starred as a member of the wolf pack in the Twilight films and will appear in Fishing Naked and Heat Wave. He also starred on Renegadepress.com.



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