U.K. dictionary could add ‘Gangnam Style,’ legbomb and fiscal cliff

By Daniel S Levine,

A British dictionary might include “Gangnam Style,” which it selected as one of the top 12 words of 2012.

CollinsDictionay.com released its list of 12 words that users submitted throughout 2012 that it is considering adding to the dictionary. Some words have already been added, including January’s “broga” (yoga for bros) and April’s “Mummy Porn” (the most-used description for 50 Shades of Grey). Candidates will be added when the site undergoes its next update, while those flagged as under review will only be added after more evidence is collected.

“We were looking for words that told the story of the year,” consultant editor Ian Brookes told Reuters. “Some words are from events that have been and gone and so are not likely to stick around ... but others are probably here to stay.”

One that is likely to stay is “Gangnam Style,” which gained candidate status. The song became the most-watched video in YouTube history in November and has earned PSY nearly $8 million. He even recently purchased a $1.25 million condo in LA, notes TMZ.

Other candidates include Eurogeddon, Superstorm and Fiscal Cliff.

Legbomb is one of the words under review. The word was created after Angelina Jolie struck her famous pose at the Oscars. Game Makers, 47 percent and Jubilympics are also under review.

Some words have already been rejected, though, including Romneyshambles and Zuckered, named after Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.



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