UK publicist Max Clifford arrested during sex abuse scandal investigation

By Daniel S Levine,

Noted British publicist Max Clifford is the latest well-known public figure to be arrested during the ongoing investigation into sex abuse allegations sparked by the BBC Jimmy Savile scandal.

Clifford, who has represented celebrities in the UK, was arrested early Thursday, his lawyer confirmed.

“Max Clifford is being interviewed by police. Mr Clifford will assist the police as best he can with their enquiries. When we are in a position to provide further information, we will,” lawyer Charlotte Harris told the media, reports CNN.

London Metropolitan Police also issued a statement, but did not include Clifford’s name. It only confirmed that a 69-year-old was being questioned on sex abuse allegations.

According to Reuters, he is the fifth person arrested since police started looking into allegations against Savile, the late children’s TV presenter who is suspected of abusing 300 young women and girls while at the BBC.

The others arrested during the investigation include rocker Gary Glitter and DJ David Lee Travis.

The BBC is currently running its own investigation and is also looking into the decision to not run a story on the Savile allegations last year.

Clifford is best known for the “kiss and tell” stories he has sold to the press and representing UK celebrities like X Factor creator Simon Cowell.



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