University of Chicago gets packaged addressed to Indiana Jones

By Daniel S Levine,

If Indiana Jones were real, it’s likely that he wouldn’t even believe this story, but it is true. The University of Chicago received a package last week addressed to one Henry Walton Jones, Jr. and inside was Abner Ravenwood’s Raiders of the Lost Ark journal.

On the University’s College Admissions Tumblr blog, pictures were posted of the package, which showed the book, from the fictional University of Chicago professor, in a manila envelope with Indiana Jones’ address.

“We gave it to a student worker, and the kid came back laughing once he Googled it,” admissions counselor Grace Chapin told The Chicago Tribune, noting that they are still puzzled by the package. “Some of us are in a haze with finals, you know, so he said it was Indiana Jones' name. Then we opened it, and it was very bizarre. There was no explanation as to why it was with us, so we talked about it and decided to put it online.”

The admissions office included a detailed description of the journal’s contents and included several pictures of pages and postcards included. It looks like a prop from the film, so they got in touch with Lucasfilm. The studio confirmed that it is not part of any marketing campaign, so the office’s imaginations are running wild with theories.

“It's been wild for us,” Chaplin told the Tribune. “We're going to be posting a follow-up with all the explanations we've been getting and what we know later.”

Some of the theories include “Harrison Ford REALLY wants to go on a date with someone in our office and this is how he got our attention” or that it is part of an alternate reality game.

But there is at least one thing that they do know. They sure are happy that it wasn’t snakes.

If you have your own theories or explanations, the admissions office is asking anyone to send them an email to indianajonesjournal@uchicago.edu.

image: Tumblr



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