University of Chicago’s Indiana Jones journal mystery solved

By Daniel S Levine,

The mystery of the Indiana Jones journal that was sent to the University of Chicago has been solved and it involves a world tour that would rival any in the film series.

The university’s admissions office received a mysterious package last week that was addressed to a Henry Walton Jones, Jr., the name of the famous fictional archaeologist. Inside was Abner Ravenwood’s Raiders of the Lost Ark journal. The university publicized the journal by posting images of it on their Tumblr page and several theories. One was that it came from an eBay seller who sells replicas of the Ark journal for Indiana Jones fans and that it had fallen out of its outer package. It turns out that this theory was correct.

On its Tumblr page, the admissions office explained that it had gotten in touch with eBayer “Ravenbar,” whose real name is Paul from Guam. He told them Saturday that it was his work, but he wasn’t sure where it was supposed to go. Then, he called them back on Sunday and told them that he had just received a letter from USPS in Honolulu, telling him that his package didn’t go to its intended destination.

It turns out that the package was supposed to go to Italy!

Paul told the university that he will make another one for the Italian buyer, while the university will get to keep its copy since “It belongs in a museum,” as Jones himself would say. It will go on display at the Oriental Institute.

“Apparently, it takes him two weeks to make one of these replicas and then he sells them to people all over the world,” university spokesman Garrett Brinker told The Chicago Sun-Times. “He says they usually go for about $200 (but) I believe this one went for $177.”

image: Tumblr



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