'The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

By Freda Eang,

The theory that Caroline poses from last week hangs over her and Stefan’s heads, and Stefan confronts Damon about it. Damon finds it preposterous that Elena is sired to him and agrees to test Elena like Stefan suggests. The test is for Damon to tell Elena that she can drink out of blood bags. We all know that Elena could not drink out of blood bags after turning into a vampire, and that is why she’s been drinking straight from the vein. If Caroline’s theory is true, Elena will be able to drink from a blood bag without any problem. Unfortunately, she could. This puts Damon into research mode since he remembers having another vampire sired to him back in New Orleans. The two Salvatores return to New Orleans in search of a witch that may be able to break the sire bond, which in turn gives us some lovely flashback moments.

Damon and his sired vampire, Charlotte, are at a pub and they are having the time of their lives. In walks Stefan and Lexi, and let’s just say it’s been awhile since the two brothers have seen each other. Stefan is recovering from his ripper days with the help of Lexi and he’s been doing well working in the army. Seeing how happy his little brother is, Damon wants to join him so that they can be family again. When Stefan walks away to speak to his commander, Lexi warns Damon that it's better if the two of them keep their distance.

We then flashback to present day New Orleans, and Stefan’s curious to know how Damon got away from his last sired vampire. Damon said he told her to go count all the bricks in New Orleans and to meet him at the corner when she’s done. Damon never showed up, so he never knew if she waited for him or not. Wanting to prove to Damon that his sired vampires take him quite literally, the two of them head to the corner to see if she has stuck around. Damon is wrong once again. Charlotte appears and tackles him on the sidewalk.

Damon then finds the store owned by the witch he visited many years ago. The woman is long gone, but her daughter is now the owner of the shop. Apparently, Damon brought twelve souls to the witch back in the day, but the bond was not broken. It’s revealed that there’s no way to break the sire bond, and that her mother had lied to Damon about there being a cure in order to get her hands on some dark magic. A dark magic that Professor Shane must be trying to get his hands on as well, as he has asked Hayley to deliver twelve hybrids to him. The witch now tells Damon the only way to be rid of a sire bond is for Damon to order the vampire to stop having feelings for him. She gives more detail as to why a vampire is sired to the person who turns her and it’s mostly due to the vampire having feelings for the person before she was sired. Damon easily tells Charlotte to not love him anymore, but when it came to telling Elena, it became rather difficult.

Also this week, Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie have a girls bonding night at the Salvatores, but things turn sour as Caroline and Bonnie learn of Elena’s involvement with Damon. In the midst of their argument, Caroline gets captured by one of the hybrids, Kimberly, who’s rebelling against Tyler as alpha. Tyler is able to straighten the hybrids out and he’s close to helping them all be unsired to Klaus. This is when Elena realizes that when a person is sired to someone, it’s only their actions that can be controlled, not their feelings – proving that she is indeed in love with Damon. This episode definitely had a lot going on with the sire business. How did everyone feel about the episode? Any theories of what’s to come? The next episode is going to be the mid-season finale, so I bet things are about to get even more crazy.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.



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