Video of eagle snatching child goes viral, but is it real?

By Daniel S Levine,

The video of a Golden Eagle snatching a child and then dropping him on the ground has gone viral, but people around the web are wondering about its authenticity.

It starts with a man at a Montreal park just filming the eagle hovering around the park, then it swoops down towards an adult and child. The eagle swoops down and picks up the child for a few minutes before dropping him to the ground. The cameraman lowers the camera and rushes towards the child to see if he is OK. For the remainder of the video, YouTube user MrNuclearCat (who hasn’t posted any other videos before) shows a slow motion version of the eagle swooping down and dropping the child.

As Mashable notes, the video has gone viral, but there are questions about its authenticity. It is now up to 447,000 views.

According to The Telegraph, blogger Alex Horn is among those skeptical, pointing out that the eagle’s shadow appears in one frame before the eagle itself does and that the right wing looks transparent.

“Then there is the slightly odd motion of the child after the eagle lets go of it. Not only does it carry on going up - which would just be momentum - but its ascent actually speeds up a bit before falling,” Horn notes.

Another YouTube user has posted a frame-by-frame analysis to show that it is just a CGI animation.

Check out the video below and let us know if you think this is fake or not.

image: YouTube



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