'The Voice' Recap 12/11

By Lydia Underwood,

Last night on The Voice, our top 4 was cut down to the top 3, who will compete for the win.

Adam said he was genuinely proud of the top 4 and all the things they have accomplished.

Cee-Lo talked about his team’s heart and soul and how he feels they were courageous to get up on stage and be vulnerable with their songs.

Christina said she feels the strengths of the judges are being so involved with their teams, in the sense of song choice and connecting into their strengths.

Blake said he has a lot to do before next week with his team and talked about how hard it is for the contestants.

Cassadee and Terry tackled “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men.

From last season, runner-up Juliet Simms performed her song, “Wild Child.”

Terry said he would listen to the Beatles and the Eagles on long drives with his dad. Trevin listened to Whitney Houston in his basement while everyone else was sleeping and would sing. Cassadee started listening to music at an early age and connected to certain melodies. Nicholas would sing in his room and his mom heard and had him song for her.

To connect with lyrics, Cassadee tries to put herself in their shoes and live in the moment.

The first finalist was revealed: Terry McDermott.

Next, RaeLynn performed the song, “Boyfriend.”

Chris Mann came out next, singing his song, “Roads.”

The second finalist was revealed: Cassadee Pope.

Nicholas and Trevin teamed up to sing, “Hero” by Mariah Carey.

The last finalist to duel it out next week: Nicholas David.

Trevin Hunte went home.

Tune in next week to watch the final 3 battle it out on The Voice!



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