'The Voice' Recap 12/4

By Lydia Underwood,

Last night on The Voice the contestants were cut down to only 4.

Terry hit 1 and 2 on the iTunes rock chart, Trevin hit number 1 on the R&B chart, Cassadee hit number 1 on the pop chart.

The show began with NeYo performing “Let Me Love You” with Amanda.

Adam said he felt great about his song choices his team and he made. He wished certain things could have been better but the performances were solid.

Cee-Lo said that all 6 contestants remaining stand out as performers, but Trevin completely blew him away on Monday.

Christina said it’s nice to have the pressure off of her and to just be entertained and watch the show. She said Trevin, Cassadee and Nicholas stood out to her.

Blake said he thinks it’s important to communicate with his contestants and make sure they listen to each other.

Terry and Trevin took on OneRepublic’s “Feel Again.”

The first contestant saved of the night: Terry McDermott.

Amanda and Cassadee sing Kelly Clarkson’s song, “Breakaway.”

The next person staying in the competition: Trevin Hunte.

Matchbox 20 performed a song with Trevin and Nicholas.

Another contestant is saved: Cassadee Pope.

Melanie and Nicholas sang “Criminal.”

Instead of a save this time, America is sending someone home: Melanie Martinez.

Down to Nicholas and Amanda. Who will be going home?

The last contestant to complete the top 4: Nicholas David!

Tune in next week to see more of The Voice.



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