'The Voice' recap: Top Six

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Voice continued last night on NBC as the top six vocalists took the stage to battle it out for America’s vote. The six singers each got to perform twice, singing a song that they chose and performing a song picked by their coach.

Nicholas David took the stage first to perform, “September,” by Earth, Wind and Fire. Team Cee Lo was helped out this week by Train lead vocalists, Patrick Monahan. Starting off the judges’ comments was Levine, saying that he is still a big fan of David but he really wanted David to reach on the chorus. Shelton said that he loved the song and that it dawned on him that he was dumb for not turning around for David in the blind auditions. Aguilera added that David has truly gained more confidence through out the show but she would like something to be changed up for a new direction. Green said that he likes to challenge David and that he loves and appreciates his artist.

Cassadee Pope took the Voice stage next; taking on the Rascal Flatts hit, “Stand.” This performance even brought Aguilera and Shelton to their feet. Aguilera said Pope really won her over tonight and that her vocal chops are spot on. Levine agreed with Aguilera but he would like to see Pope do something more out of the box. Shelton said if you know the original record you can really see what Pope did with it and how truly amazing it was.

Team Adam’s Amanda Brown chose to preform, “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman,” by Aretha Franklin. Brown’s performance brought Levine to his feet. Shelton started off the comments by saying the competitor in him really wanted to find something wrong with that performance but he couldn’t because she is a world-class singer. Green added that there is nothing more important than a woman feeling natural. Levine said seeing this moment happen for Brown is what he wanted and that was an awe-inspiring performance.

Terry McDermott from Team Blake took the stage next. McDermott performed, “I Want to Know What Love Is.” Aguilera started off the comments by saying that Shelton did indeed have the strongest team on the show right now. Green said that he loved the song and loved McDermott. Levine said that McDermott really impressed everyone and that he did an amazing job. Shelton added that they did the right thing for McDermott and that performance was unbelievable.

Trevin Hunte took the stage to perform, “Walking on Sunshine.” Levine said this was the last song that he ever would have thought Hunte would perform and that this performance changed his mind. Shelton added that this performance was very good. Green said that Hunte connected with everyone in the audience and that he hopes that Hunte feels what his intentions were with that song choice.

Melanie Martinez from Team Adam performed, “Crazy,” by Gnarls Barkley. Aguilera said that Martinez had a really cool effect on the song and that she made a great effort at the song. Green said that Martinez did a great job performing the song. Levine said that yes, pitch issues did play a factor but Martinez has made a large impact on the competition so far.
McDermott took the stage next for his second performance. McDermott took on the rock ‘n’ roll classic, “Stay With Me.” Green said that when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll McDermott is the real thing. Levine said McDermott is probably the most consistent performer in this competition. Shelton said that McDermott keeps pushing things to the next level and that is the mark of a true star.

Hunte followed McDermott with his own song choice, “And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going,” performed by Jennifer Hudson. His performance brought Aguilera and Green to their feet. Levine said that regardless of this competition, that was one of the best performances he has seen ever. Shelton said this was the first time he didn’t see Hunte hold back and he loved it. Aguilera said that when Hunte hits those impressive notes it is magical and emotional. Green said he needed a moment of silence to mourn the competition, following that up with a simple, “Oh My God.”

Brown returned to stage to perform, “Here I Go Again,” by White Snake. Aguilera said that the performance was really great and she was happy that Brown returned to her rock roots. Green said that it was a wonderful performance and she was looking beautiful. Levine said this performance was a risk but it paid off because this showed the full range of Brown.

Melanie Martinez returned to the stage for her last performance of the night. Martinez chose to perform, Lenka’s “The Show.” Shelton said the most important part of the performance was vocally how well she performed the track. Aguilera said she really wants to see Martinez go back with an old school Fiona Apple song. Green added that he enjoyed the performance and he enjoys Martinez as an artist. Levine said that he loves coming up with ideas for Martinez because she really brings a new life and energy to the show.

Cassadee Pope took the stage for her final performance, taking on an Avril Lavigne classic, “I’m With You.” Green started off the judges’ comments by saying that Pope has a great track recorded this season and that every performance is cool. Levine said that this was his favorite performance of Pope’s so far. Shelton added that you can teach someone how to connect with a song and that Pope is born with that talent.

Nicholas David closed the show performing the classic, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Levine said that is the kind of song that makes people cry in a good way but David has a talent to always keep the audience guessing with what he will do next. Shelton said that performance was magical and beautiful. Green said that he supports David 100 percent and that he was very surprised by that rendition of the song.

The live results will be relieved tonight on NBC.



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