Walking Dead Memorable Moments from Season 3 Thus Far

By Shannon Toohey,
A Recap of the First Half of Season 3

This Sunday may feel a bit empty without The Walking Dead, but fear not, we will not let you suffer. We are solidifying where we stand, and recapping some of the greatest most anticipated moments from the first half of Season 3.

First, the mid-season finale episode 308 “Made To Suffer” was explosive. The prison becomes home for a new group. We are introduced to Tyreese from the comic. Also, there is a giant hole in the back of the prison where they and probably numerous walkers have entered -good going, Rick! Carl shows how much of Rick he has taken in, and locks the group away in a cell, knowing how he has helped them finally become free of running. Axel creeps on Beth, and calls Carol a lesbian because of her short hair. (Carol quickly shuts him down.)

Rick, Daryl, and Michonne invade Woodbury and rescue Glenn and Maggie, causing an enormous riot. Unfortunately, they lose Oscar on the way in. (T-Dog, Oscar, now Tyreese…see a pattern?) The Governor and Michonne have a knock-down-drag-out fight, causing the Governor to loose an eye. She also kills Walker-Daughter Penny. After scolding, but sparing Michonne's life, Andrea shoots at the intruders (unaware of their identities) much to our frustration. The groups escapes after Rick "sees" Shane in Woodbury and shoots him down.

Finally when the Governor kidnaps Daryl, Andrea meets eyes with him for the first time since the farm. (Woo hoo! Step One.) There is pure panic in her eyes when she realizes the Governor’s intentions for Daryl’s fate. Actress Laurie Holden who plays Andrea comments on that moment in an interview for AMC. She says all that goes through Andrea’s head in that moment is “No. Not Daryl. Not Daryl.” With Daryl held hostage at Woodbury and Merle betrayed by the Governor, they are both in danger. It is unclear whether Rick fully trusts Michonne yet, but she expresses to him that she believes he needs her.

Season 3 is not over yet, but thus far, it has brought tons of action and game-changing events. Here are a few.

The Gaining of The Prison.

Like it or not, the prison has helped to keep our group safe from the herds of walkers this season. Nevertheless, it has come with some dangers of its own. After the group defeated its own batch of walkers, they then had to overcome a threat of new people inside: the prisoners. It has become its own entity, making life harder for Rick than he had imagined it would be there: possibly even driving him insane. Things have changed since the first night sitting around a campfire singing folk songs.

Meeting the Governor

Upon meeting the Governor, we have seen some of the most disturbing visions we have ever seen on the show. From his tank of Walker heads, to a walker daughter, he takes the cake. We expected to see a completely dark and twisted man, but we have somehow read into his deformed humanity. Although, we were again reminded of his evil nature when he attacks Maggie mentally and almost rapes her. He did keep Andrea somewhat safe for a while, and gave her something to hold on to, for what it’s worth. We can expect him to grow even darker now that his daughter is gone and that he has lost his eye. (Goodbye Penny, Daddy’s got his eye on you.)

The Death of T-Dog

It is hard to watch original characters leave the show and T-Dog was no exception. He had been with the group since the beginning and had already proved himself as a great fighter. He may not have been a big focus of the show, but he is missed. Also, T-Dog’s death seemingly led the writers to introduce Oscar, and now Tyreese.

The Death of Lori

“Killer Within” was a doozy of an episode. Right when it seemed there was hope for Rick and Lori after long hard-fought battles within each of them, disaster struck. Lori sacrificed herself for her baby, leading Rick down an unsteady path. Even with her absence, it seems all of Rick’s decisions are now made with her in mind. Though they never got real closure between the two of them, Rick seems to have made some sort of peace for now, even if it was because of a hallucination. Lori proved herself to be one of the most valuable group members and her absence still strongly felt.

Now one of the moments we have been most anticipating has happened: the reunion of Daryl and Merle. The Walking Dead is currently on hiatus after the mid season finale. We will find out what Andrea's reaction is when she realizes that the group is alive besides Daryl, as well as the brothers' fate when it returns on February 10th on AMC. Look out for after show, Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick, which will now be an hour long and directly after each new episode.

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