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Who doesn't love cake? We all love cake but it's not the most practical food. The grocery store variety is adequate but often falls flat in taste. The made-from-the-box kind is easy and quick, but the taste isn't as good as the made-from-scratch variety. Making your own cake from scratch can be rewarding but requires lots of practice. So why not get a delicious, professionally made and decorated cake delivered to your front door?

WeTakeTheCake.com delivers custom-made scrumptious cakes for the holidays and every special occasion. Whether you're looking for a Christmas cake for your party, birthday cakes, or even a cake for a baby shower, WeTakeTheCake.com has what you're looking for.

Each cake is baked by hand and can be sent nationwide overnight or on a specific date. Have a corporate function? Surprise your attendees with a cake to commemorate the event. They also make cupcakes!

Wow your family and guests at your next party with a beautifully decorated and delightfully delicious cake from WeTakeTheCake.com.



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