‘Wheel of Fortune’ under fire for series of gaffes (Videos)

By Daniel S Levine,

Wheel of Fortune is among the longest-running game shows in TV history with a fan base to match and many are not happy about two gaffes that occurred last week. One cost a contestant a win, while another may have given away money to a contestant who got a puzzle wrong.

The first mistake occurred on Dec. 19. Contestant Renee Durette was ready to solve a puzzle in the category of “living things.” The phrase was “Seven Swans A-Swimming,” which Durette almost got. She just didn’t say the “G” and host Pat Sajak was forced to tell her that the answer would not be accepted.

According to ABC News, Durette could have won $3,850, but Sajak couldn’t accept the answer.

“That’s kind of how I speak, you know, being from Florida and I asked for the ‘g’ so I knew it was there,” she told ABC. While she also admitted that the gaffe likely cost her a chance to win not just the puzzle, but the show, she said she loved every minute of it.

“I had an absolute amazing experience. It’s just been so funny to see where I’ve been and what kind of Internet footprint I have now and it’s kind of been so crazy,” she said. “I feel like I should be out with big sunglasses and a big hat.”

This isn’t the only gaffe people are talking about, though, notes CNN. On the very next episode, which aired on Dec. 20 but was filmed the same day as Durette’s show, Michael Rufus got “Hickory-Smoked Country Ham” right, winning $4,000. However, he can clearly be heard skipping the “D.” The judges missed it.

Wheel of Fortune has not issued a comment on Rufus' gaffe.



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