10 Reasons to be Best Friends With '30 Rock's' Liz Lemon

By Alex Ewald,
After seven seasons, four SAG awards and a reported 9.57 jokes per minute, all we can say is, “Good God, Lemon!”

Celebrating creator Tina Fey’s fourth and last SAG win playing her 30 Rock character, the Sabor de Soledad-snacking, Star Wars-cosplaying, Tom Jones-hating, deal breaker Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon, TGS’s head writer on the NBC comedy.

Lemon, who recently married longtime boyfriend Criss Cross (James Marsden), recently welcomed the arrival of her two adopted children, interracial twins Terry and Janet.

10. She eats night cheese, in a slanket, with a song.

9. She has good “birthing hips,” according to Mrs. Donaghy. That’s a good thing, then, right?

8. She daringly dresses up as Princess Leia every year for Halloween. And for jury duty. Weird accent included.

7. She just wants to go to there. Who doesn't with Jon Hamm baking delicious food?

6. She’s a foe to the mouse populace who poop in her slippers.

5. She can’t help that Avery Jessup feels threatened by her “sesuality.”

4. She gets into arguments with herself, like we all secretly do. And then she cries with her mouth, like none of us actually do.

3. She’d be a great friend who remembers your birthday.

2. She can be a real drama queen sometimes.

1. But she still just wants a guy to treat her nice. Lemon out.

I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Photo Courtesy of Ali Goldstein/NBCUniversal.



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