'1600 Penn' Recap: 'Meet the Parent'

By Drew Barile,

Skip and Becca's baby daddy love taco salads. Yep, that right! in this episode Becca's one night stand, father of her of unborn child, makes an appearance. Skip and D.B. (Becca's one night stand) hit it off, however Marshal (Becca's true love interest isn't too thrilled). Skip, how on the contrary tries to play matchmaker.

The President and the First Lady are visited by the Chancellor and Lady Chancellor of Austria. Emily goes out of her way to try and make the White House seem more like a home, which ruffles some feathers with one of the President's advisers. Emily tells him she doesn't want to use formal china, but use less former dinnerware. While having lunch with the Chancellor, his wife comments how she feels so welcome. But then the Chancellor chimes in and says he wishes the china he requested were being used. We find out that it was special china that survived a fire in Austria where all the workers died, and was transported across the Alps which also proved fatal.

Meanwhile, Skip sets up a romantic date for D.B. and Becca, using items around the House. Of course, Skip finds the Austria china and uses it for the date. Skip begins to do some magic, which he had been practicing all episode, and almost breaks the china. Emily realizes the china is missing and runs in and finds it with the three youngsters. Emily rushes the china out of the room, and crashes the cart with the china. Emily tells is about to tell the Chancellor the china is broken, but the advisor devises a plan to put the Chancellor in a "Washington" windsor chair, which he breaks. The adviser explains George Washington died in the chair, and he broke this very special chair, so Emily can sneak it in that she broke the china. Too distracted by the chair, he doesn't pay attention to the broken china.

Becca goes to the mall to get D.B. and decides she will give him a chance. The First Family has a barbecue on the White House lawn, and Becca invites D.B., which upsets Marshall.

The next episode of 1600 Penn airs January 31st at 9:30 pm.

image credit: NBC



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