1600 Penn, 'The Skiplantic ocean' Recap

By Drew Barile,

Season 1 episode 2 of 1600 Penn aired January 10, at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. The episode titled The Skiplantic Ocean, is about Becca Gilchrist, the president's daughter who has a secret pregnancy and a media firestorm ensues.

If your new to 1600 Penn here is a little background. Bill Pullman plays Dale Gilchrist the President of the United States; and the show follows how his role of father intersects with that of president. He is a father of 4 and has a new wife, his children step mother, Emily Nash-Gilchrist. Emily is played by the amazingly funny and attractive Jenna Elfman. You may remember Elfman from Dharma and Greg

In this episode The Skiplantic Ocean Skip's sister Becca, has a a big problem. The media has found out she is pregnant, and a media firestorm swooned. But more importantly News Corp. got hold of the information before she could tell her father, the President.

During the course of the show Emily in attempt to gain Becca's trust retrieves Xander and Marigold, Becca siblings. In addition, she is forced to make up outlandish lies one after the other to bide time until Becca can face-to-face explain her pregnancy. Elfman is stunningly frantic and hysterical in this role. While Elfman's character was trying to contain the young ones curiosity, she also struggles to find Becca. Becca was off with Skip though trying to relieve the stress. Unfortunately, to Becca's detriment she lets her guard down and immerses herself in Skip's philosophy, whatever that is.

While on her hiatus from the media stress with Skip, they end up in the Press room! Bombarded with reporters, Skip takes charge as protector, dimwitted protector, but protector none-the-less. In his attempt to quell the reporters he lets slip the story of how Becca became impregnated. Whoops!

All the mean while their father is deep in the shadowy situation room talking with generals about children and how to react. Pullman plays a strong but funny father, he and his generals gossip; exchanging advice on how to manage children. It is a rich scene as they are all strong leader that manage the United States, but can't manage their children, and don't know even where to begin.

Pullman ascends from the Situation room to the Oval office to rejoin his family. While they are all together and ready to have a family discussion, WIlly Geist comes on the TV and reports about another story, where the Becca is called the 'First Slut', and the President reacts. Dale Gilchrist (Pullman) rushes off the the Press room and explain that his daughter is smart, capable and beautiful. Moreover, he will support her no matter what, and that is all he has to say. He then hugs Becca and the two walk down a hallway talking about how Skip has some unique way of dealing with things.

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