1600 Penn 'So You Don't Want to Dance' Recap

By Drew Barile,

On Thursday's episode of 1600 Penn, So You Don't Want to Dance Emily Nash Gilchrist and President Gilchrist team up and heat up trying to persuade a racist southern Governor to come around to a proposal. While Skip finds love and tries to persuade the object of his desire to reciprocate.

In the beginning of episode, Governor Froam Thorogood visits the President and First Lady at The White House. Emily and the President try to persuade the Governor to pass a proposal on education. However, he is a racist and chauvinist. He insults Emily, and she proceeds to verbal berate him. Rightfully so.

The White House hosts a gala. During the gala, Skip grabs the microphone and asks his date, Stacey Kim to be his girlfriend. She proceeds to run off, leaving Skip in the spot light quite literally. In standard Skip form he rambles on and starts to panic. However, Emily saves him from his situation.

Emily must persuade Governor Thorogood, also at the gala, to change his mind after having insulted him. Froam suggests a speech highlight how great he is, and Emily reluctantly agrees.

Emily and President Dale conceive a fast and general speech that highlights Thorogoods presence at many historical moments, although most of the time he was on the opposing side. After the speech, Emily confronts Froam, who calls her gullible, and its because woman have small skulls.

Meanwhile, Becca is sitting outside the party eating cake, talking with Malloy, the President's aide. We soon find out that they used to date, until Malloy ended the relationship.

Back at the party, Emily furious, decides to trap the Governor by dancing with Skip so he cannot egress from the gala and not vote. It is successful and the First Family is left in the empty Galla tent enjoying some cake and victory.



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