‘2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the Bear Truth’

By May Chan,
Caroline and Max win a free trip, but Andy tags along.

Max and Caroline help Dottie, the customer, by offering her samples of cupcakes for her upcoming wedding, but Max thinks Dottie is just pretending that she has a wedding coming up to get free cupcakes.

Even though Dottie’s fiancé enters the shop, Max is sure that the fiancé is a hired man made to look like there’s a wedding.

At the diner, Han conducts a raffle to garner promotion for the diner, and guess who makes an appearance as the one who picks the winning ticket? It’s none other than Sophie herself, who saunters in a sparkly blue number.

While Oleg makes his usual sexual innuendo jokes, the charismatic Earl compliments Sophie as usual.

Before Sophie draws the ticket, she puts her business card in the raffle container.

Caroline says it’s cheating because Sophie can feel her business card, but Sophie rebukes the waitress and goes on to pick a ticket.

Surprisingly, Sophie picks a Max’s Homemade Cupcakes business card that Earl had planted in the container in addition to taking a few tickets out.

Max and Caroline are excited about their getaway, but when Caroline mentions the win to Andy, her boyfriend automatically assumes that Caroline was going to take him on the trip.

Caroline lies to Max and Andy by telling them that they were third wheels without either one of them knowing.

Because Han had shelled out money for a two-room package, Caroline assumed it was alright…until the trio showed up in the cabin.

An additional room would cost more. Despite the floating swinging bed, Max gives up the bed to Caroline and Andy and takes the couch instead.

Max doesn’t seem upset, and instead, feels the need to search for extra terrestrial beings. E.T. can wait because Max is curious about this whole sauna experience. Donning a comfy bathrobe and newly opened slippers, Max makes her way to the sauna room.

Before then, an excited Caroline lets Max know that Dottie wants pricing on 300 cupcakes, leading them to believe that Dottie is the real deal.

While Andy doesn’t like that Caroline is doing business on the trip, he looks the other way when Caroline goes to the sauna room obviously to talk business with Max.

At the sauna room, the girls meet “two bears,” one being a dermatologist and the other being an astrophysicist. Caroline and Max make chat about their business, and the couple seem smitten by the girls.

Unfortunately, the night takes a turn for the worse when during dinner time, not only was there not enough food for the three of them, but Andy told Max it was his birthday, and Max knows Caroline forgot, so she subtlety reminds her only to be corrected by Andy that his birthday is tomorrow.

Since the cupcake shop opened, Caroline had forgotten about how Andy would fit in her future. And as a result, Andy gives Caroline the we-need-a-break break-up. With future bride Dottie bringing her hoard of bridesmaids in for a cupcake tasting, Caroline looks heartbroken after Andy leaves.

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