20 Notable Passings of 2012 in Entertainment

By Connor Murphy,

Another year gone bye, and unfortunately, another year lost. 2012 brought along some notable passings. and in the spirit of beginning a New Year, it deemed suitable to look back at 2012 and remember those that we've lost. Here are some of the notable passings of 2012 in entertainment in no particular order.

Dick Clark, 82
TV Personality

It isn't quite a New Year without Dick Clark. The "world's oldest teenager" has been ringing in the New Year since 1972 with Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin’ Eve. Making tremendous contributions to music and television by combining the two on American Bandstand from 1957 to 1989, as well as hosting The $10,000 Pyramid. He'll always be remembered long after he's gone.

Whitney Houston, 48

One of pop music's most influential singers suffered an untimely death on the eve of the Grammys, which she was set to perform at. Houston embodied a voice like no-other. Suffering a fall from the spotlight due to drug addiction and a troubling marriage to Bobby Brown, she passed before her time, and will always live on through her music.

Neil Armstrong, 82

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." The first man to
walk on the moon in 1969 was the commander of the Apollo 11
spacecraft. This Korean War vet is quite a pioneer.

Maurice Sendak, 83

The author of the classic children's book Where The Wild Things Are
is still being appreciated to this day. His stories explored haunting
and imaginative worlds. He was certainly one of the most important
children’s book artists of the 20 century and his stories will live on.

Joe Paterno, 85
College Football Coach

"Joe Pa" was the coach of Penn State football for 46 years. Committing
most of his life to the school and team, he was the most winningest
coach in major college football with 409 wins. He was a legend at his
profession. His death came shortly after a whirlwind of scandal
following the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse cases. Paterno was fired as
coach and his wins from 1998 to 2011 were revoked by the NCAA as
sanctions against the university for failing to report the abuses to

Gary Carter, 57
Baseball Catcher

"The Kid" was a Hall of Fame catcher. He was an 11 time All-Star and
three time Gold Glove winner. He was a key member of the 1986 New York
Mets team that beat the Boston Red Sox in a memorable World Series

Andy Griffith, 86

Andy Griffith was a man of many talents. He was an actor, a TV
producer, a Grammy winning Southern Gospel singer, as well as a
writer. Best known for a lead role playing lead characters on the
comedy The Andy Griffith Show, as well as the legal drama
Matlock. He was a good man with a long fulfilling life.

Michael Clarke Duncan, 54

The gentle giant best known for his breakout role in The Green
passed of a heart attack this year. It came as a surprise to
many, but he will always be remembered for his movie roles.

Adam Yauch, 47

Yauch is better known as "MCA", his stage name as a founding member for the
hip-hop group The Beastie Boys. He was a rapper, artist, director, and
human rights activist. As another victim of cancer at too young an
age, Yauch was loved by many and his music and memories will live on.

Etta James, 73

Blues singer Etta James was one of the first female inductees into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She bridged the gap between R&B and rock
and roll and has won six Grammy’s. Rolling Stone ranked her at
number 22 on their list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. She
passed away from leukemia days after her 73 birthday.

Levon Helm, 71

Singing and drumming for The Band, and keeping up with Bob Dylan, Helm
was a very talented musician. He won multiple Grammy's and played
music up until the very end, when throat cancer took him away. He
leaves behind many friends, family, and fans.

Davy Jones, 66

Known as "the cute one" as a member of The Monkees, he became one of
the greatest teen idols of all-time. After an evening tending to his
horses, Jones suffered a heart attack at the age of 66.

Junior Seau, 43
NFL Player

The Samoan NFL linebacker and San Diego sports icon played for 19
years and was a legend at his position. News of his death shocked the
sports world when news rose of Seau taking his own life from his
California home. This created a whirlwind in the NFL community as to
effect's of head injuries on the well-being of players. He leaves
behind a legacy as one of the hardest-working and passionate players
in the game.

Art Modell, 87
NFL Owner

Art Modell was an American businessman, entrepeneur, and NFL owner.
He's known best for the NFL owner of the Cleveland Browns, when he
chose to relocate the team to Baltimore, resulting in much backlash
from the Cleveland community and fans. Modell also played a big role
in popularizing the NFL with network television.

Hector Camacho, 50

Sporting a 79-6-3 career record, "Macho Camacho" is the first boxer to
be recognized as a septuple champion (winning 7 titles in major and
minor sanctioning bodies). He was quick in the ring and even knocked
out Sugar Ray Leonard. He was shot in a parked car in Puerto Rico in
November, and taken off life support days later.

Sarah Burke, 29

Tragedy struck when Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke died during
an accident while training in Utah. Burke was a pioneer of the
super pipe event, successfully lobbying for the super pipe to be added
to the 2014 Winter Olympics event list. She was a four time Winter X
Games champion. She died doing what she loved, and was taken way
before her time.

Mike Wallace, 93

One of the original correspondents of CBS' 60 Minutes, which
debuted in 1968. He worked as a full-time correspondent for sixty
years, and interviewed a wide range of prominent people throughout his
career. He was famous for his hard interviewing style, staying tough
and aggressive. A long career and a long life, Wallace will be missed.

Donna Summer, 63

"The Queen of Disco" passed away this year from lung cancer. She found
prominence through her music in the 70's, earning her five Grammy
Awards, and was the first artist to have three consecutive double
albums to reach number one on the US Billboard charts. She
believed in the power of music, and her spirit will live on through
the music.

Pascual Perez, 55
MLB Pitcher

Perez held a 67-68 career record as an MLB pitcher. He spent his last
two seasons with the New York Yankees. Perez was killed during a
robbery at his Dominican Republic home.

Larry Hagman, 81

Better known as J.R. Ewing of the 80's soap opera Dallas, he
became one of the most iconic figures in TV history. Also playing
roles in I Dream of Genie as well as other supporting roles in
films, throat cancer took him away this year.

We lost too many good people in 2012, but they live on in our minds
and in our hearts.



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